Welcome to Manitas Kitchen, a casual cooking game with a dressing of arcade and mini-games,
where you’ll meet Trexito, a T-rex with short arms that has one dream: to become the best pizza maker!

Manitas it’s the first game of our studio, it was born in a week long game jam made by PowerUp+ (FemPowerUp),
the idea was clear: a T-rex that wants to cook but cannot do it in a common way the rest came later.

We’ve been working on this project for almost two years. Around 15 people have worked on this little game,
and now it’s almost complete. Manitas Kitchen will be released on October 23, 2023.
We hope that everyone who plays Manitas Kitchen has a good time and enjoys it as much as we have during the development process.

Coming soon …


Panic Plane!

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